July 27, 2009

HotSpot: Friends Outing @ Boutique KTV Lounge

By Telca James

Photos courtesy from D Junction


All packages below applicable daily from 12noon to 7pm only. For any additional request please contact 088 703 113

*Advance reservations recommended

1st floor D Junction
Batu 3, Jalan Lintas / Jalan Penampang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088 703131 / 703113 Email: djunctionpub@gmail.com

2 bottle sparking juice
2 pitchers flavoured iced tea
2 pitcher soft drink
1 plate honey chicken wing
1 plate tri-decks sandwiches
1 plate nugget
1 plate fries
2 bowls of tidbits
1/2kg birthday cake
4 hours KTV usage

2 bottles of sparkling juice
2 pitchers flavoured iced tea
1 plate fish finger
1 plate tri-decks sandwiches
1 plate potato wedges
2 bowls tidbits
3 hours KTV room usage

2 pitcher soft drink or chilled juice
1 plate of honey chicken wing
1 plate sausages
2 bowls of tidbits
2 hours KTV room usage

All prices are subject to a 5% government tax and 10% service charge

Boutique KTV Lounge ambience

perfect place for birthday party

sing your heart out like a star in your own private room

July 23, 2009

HotEvent: Soulja Night @ D JUNCTION!

By Telca James
Artwork by Florence Fedelis

This coming 30 August 2009, please mark your calendar!
Dress up in your best army costume in conjunction with countdown to Merdeka Day at D Junction! Party start at 9pm onwards with lots of fun games with attractive prizes to win while HOTLINE band will keep you entertain with their hot latest songs repertoire all night long!

  • The Brave Drinkers

  • Best Soulja Boy Costume

  • Best Soulja Girl Costume

  • Hip Hop Soulja Dance Performance

  • 12midnight – Countdown to Merdeka Day

SHOOTERS RM13.80++ per shooter
  • B52 - Kahlua, Bailey's Cream & Cointreau

  • Kamikaze - Vodka, Orange Liqueur & lime juice

  • Brave Bull - Tequila & Kahlua

PITCHER DEALS RM56++ per pitcher
  • Long Island Ice Tea

  • Midori Melon Margarita

  • JW Black Label

  • Chivas Regal 12 years

Be my SOULJA...catch up with you all there!

July 22, 2009

FoodCrave: Try out Northern Indian Cuisine!

By Telca James
Photos by Tdora Photography

To all food hunters out there, a must try at Spice Garden this coming August! I highly recommend you to try out their Briyani...it's so yummy!

·Ghost Dum Briyani with curry RM14.90nett
Long grain rice cooked with tender lamb and whole spices

· Kalmi Kebab RM4.90nett
Chicken thigh marinated in yoghurt, cashew nuts paste with herbs and spices, grilled in Tandoor

·Tangadi Kebab RM4.90nett
Chicken drumstick marinated in yoghurt, cashew nuts paste with herbs and spices, grilled in Tandoor

*Kebab available in either non-spicy, medium spicy or spicy

For more info, please contact Deepak Kakkar, Restaurant Manager of Spice Garden, Kota Kinabalu (0142307374) or 088 227 813
Spice Garden Northern Indian Cuisine
1st Floor, D Junction Building
Batu 3, Jalan Lintas / Jalan Penampang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Lamb Curry gravy for Briyani

Ghost Dum Briyani with curry
Kalmi Kebab RM4.90nett
Tangadi Kebab RM4.90nett
Refreshing combination of lime & mango juice
Jal Jeera healthy drinks
Mango Lassi

July 20, 2009

HotSpot: FireFly

By Telca James
Photos by Tdora Photography
As usual, I normally drink on Monday with my colleague....it's our MONDAY BLUES hahahaaa! These photos taken early June chilling out with my colleague and "happy hour" friends at Firefly. I am addicted to Leffe beer and that's the only reason why I hang out at Firefly plus ample FREE parking space! Nice place to chill for happy hour or while waiting for the traffic jam to slow down...aah it's been awhile since my last visit there, my favourite spot is at the bar...as always! ;)
To discover more on FIREFLY, contact 088 486 227...
Firefly, F-36-G, Block F, Ground Floor, KK Times Square, Coastal Highway, 88300 KK, Sabah
Leffe Beer
Reflection of Firefly signage from the opposite shop
Outdoor dining area
Live band

FoodCrave: Ace Cafe

By Telca James
Photos by Tdora Photography

When deciding where to chill out, to dine or to have small gathering with friends and colleagues, I highly recommend Ace Cafe at Jalan Bundusan to be part in your "Where to Dine?" list.

It was noon time when me and my colleagues decided to have lunch at Ace Cafe and check out their latest lunch set promotion. We ordered their lunch set seafood combo, beef rice and chicken Teriyaki. Add on to the lunch set, we have ordered nasi lemak and french toast as well.

Food arrived quite fast but since I had very heavy breakfast with my son earlier that morning, I decided to have less of the rice and have almost all of the french toast! (2 plates?!!) ahahaaa...scrumptious, that's all I could say!!!

It was not my first visit at Ace, I used to hang out there with my friends couple of months back chilling out before all seem to be busy with work and other agenda...ye rite :p

The wine photos below, I took earlier while chilling with my peeps...definitely a nice cosy place for those who loves wines too....

Ace open for breakfast, lunch, hi-tea and dinner. For more info, contact Ronald @ 721 222Ace Cafe, Lot 53, Golf Garden, Jalan Bundusan, 88300 LuyangKota Kinabalu, Sabah

July 08, 2009

FoodCrave: D Junction's Pusas

By Telca J
Photos by Tdora Photography & D Junction Flyer by Florence Fedelis
I had a great lunch with Anna & Desmond @ D Junction few weeks back for a food review...we had few snacks plus D Junction signature "pusas" i.e fried ikan basung, hinava fish + prawn, spicy chicken rolls...a must try pusas in D Junction! My special thanks to Anna...I like what your wrote about Chef Steve in your column for New Sabah Times!
D Junction Fun Pub opens for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper from 9am-1am daily. For more info, contact 088 703 113.

Published in New Sabah Times - 28 June 2009

Current Happy Hour Promotion Freshly brewed coffee Flambe Lamb chop with Sambuca Combination of 4 types of D Junction signature "pusas" Steamed Herbal Chicken Hinava Chicken Gizzard Chicken Supreme Pizza Cheese baked chicken rice

Fried Ikan BasungSpicy anchovies with lime juiceSliced cold duck with plum sauce

June 19, 2009

What'sHOT?: Old Pulteney Whiskey @ Vino Vino

By Telca James
Photos by Tdora Photography

I was doing some write up for next month promotion when Anne from D Junction suddenly called me up and asks me if I'm available for product testing. Since it almost reaches 6pm, I start packing up my things, clear off all documents on my desk and drove to Vino Vino, KK Times Square which is not that far from my office. Ughhh...though it's near but I hate the traffic jam during that particular hour....my gossssh!

So...the product test invitation was from Jimmy from Vino Vino for their new product Old Pulteney's single malt Scotch whiskey and I was like...oh whiskey...just what I need after working whole day in office!!! I can almost taste the whiskey glide smoothly in my throat while looking at the bottle…hahahaaa

Jimmy was so kind to spend some time to brief about the origin and taste of the whiskey as he poured Old Pulteney 12 Years Old on the rocks for me and Anne. I raised my glass a bit to have a look at the deep amber tone of the whiskey and started drinking it. It was a bit dry; the first taste that lingers in my mouth was a hint of toffee with a sweet after taste which I like….emmm….

Old Pulteney 12 Years Old is on promotion now where a bottle priced at RM200nett if you open it in Vino Vino while normal price is RM250nett per bottle.

If you happen to look for a warm comfy private place to chill while enjoying your favourite whiskey or wine to savour, why not include Vino Vino in your list…cheers ;)

To discover more on Old Pulteney Whiskey, visit
http://www.oldpulteney.com/ or contact Jimmy from Vino Vino at 088 486 868.

Vino Vino at KK Times Square